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About Us

France is well known for its’ very complex administrative procedures and its’ maze of standards,
regulation and paperwork.

Already hard to handle for the French themselves, the system can represent a real obstaclefor someone
not fluent in French.

Founded in 2005 by Sarah VEDRENNE, Advice France aims to meet the needs of an
English-speaking clientele wishing to settle in France, set up a business or make investments here.

The Advice France team is entirely dedicated to guiding, clarifying and assisting you with
your professional and personal procedures and will accompany you throughout each stage of your project.

More than just a service provider, Advice France is a true partner offering you qualitative and
tailor-made support thanks to an experienced, dynamic, and attentive team.
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Sarah Vedrenne


Sarah created the Advice France concept because of her own life experiences.

Her mother grew up in the UK and married her father before moving to France and she was herself confronted with the difficulties of integration due to the complexity of the French administrative system and, therefore, had to rely on other people to help her. 

Sarah, whilst having to organize her own paperwork, very quickly saw there was a need for assistance and the possibility of a business opportunity. But she was a little too early, as she was still studying law, administrative and tax management at Montpellier University.

In 2005, an Irish airline considerably increased its presence in France, especially at Carcassonne Airport, and that was her ‘trigger’. 


Whilst working in an accountancy practice, Sarah set up a support service for English-speaking people who were considering moving to France. However, one year after Advice France was created, she was able to go full time with it due to its’ success mainly developed by word of mouth. 


Sarah has developed a global analysis view and is able to advise you in an easy-to-understand manner and propose relevant and personalized solutions to make your project a success.

Nadia Vedrenne

Commercial and administrative assistant

Nadia, Sarah's sister, was the first to join Advice France in 2009 as a commercial and administrative assistant.
At that time, she had a diploma and experience in wine sales but not in administration so had to work very hard to achieve the necessary level required which she has since done very successfully.

Today, she is the voice and the welcome smile of Advice France and works closely with the rest of the team.
From communication to the most complex procedures such as driving license exchanges, French car registration documentation, Nadia knows how to use her skills to the benefit of our clients.

Endowed with a good memory and dynamic work ethic, Nadia always listens and will do everything possible to assist and guide you.

Léna Kohlen

Commercial and administrative assistant

It was in 2020 that Léna joined the Advice France team after a break from the workplace to bring up her two young daughters.

She had very good previous experience in tourism and as a team manager within a couple of large retail outlets. Lena is not only fluent in French and English, she is also fluent in German - her parents language.

She has learnt very quickly and has become a very strong and central member of the team. Léna works in tandem with Sarah in the preparation of various files and with the rest of the team to ensure the success of client projects entrusted to Advice France.

Thanks to her past professional experiences, Léna demonstrates a great sense of organization, determination and patience which allows her to manage customers administration issues both with flexibility and rigor.

Carole Gourgues

Accounting and administrative assistant

Carole joined the Advice France team in 2022. It was a big challenge for all of us at the time as she needed to quickly learn a completely new job after 15 years of retail sales in Clermont l'Hérault.
Carole has an accountancy diploma with some previous experience in this area.

She joined us during one of our very busy periods and had to work very hard but never gave up and now very much enjoys working with Advice France clients.

She takes care of the accounts, social aspects and contributes to the management of various client projects jointly with her colleagues.
Willing and able to listen, Carole always brings positivity to the team.

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