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About Us

Advice France was set up by Sarah Vedrenne to provide advice to English-speaking clients on the best way to set up their personal affairs and businesses in France.

Sarah is a bilingual French accountant with a bachelor's degree in management and finance and a  master's degree in accounting and finance. Using the savoir-faire of her extensive professional experience in English and French businesses, she can suggest solutions across a range of areas which will help you to achieve your goals with total peace of mind.

Sarah has a substantial portfolio of English speaking clients who have already benefitted from her service. She will discuss your requirements with you in total confidence and provide you with a quality personalised service to guide you through the maze of paperwork and regulations in plain, jargon-free language.



Sarah advises English speaking clients who wish to reside, work or set up a business in France. She provides advice on their rights and obligations in terms of social security and taxation.

Advice France will :

  • provide all necessary information
  • estimate your personal taxation liabilities
  • assist you with your taxation and social security registration
  • assist with your dealings with the tax and social security authorities

a) Who must make a tax return in France ?

  • Everyone domiciled in France for 6 months and 1 day, whether or not they have any earnings. All income must be declared, whether from France or overseas sources.
  • People not domiciled in France but who have income earned in France or if they own one or more properties in France.

b) Health Insurance

  • Investigate the available options which offer the best health insurance cover.
  • Help you find the best sources of information for your needs

c) Other services

  • Explain your entitlements to family allowances, lodging allowances etc..

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